Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Basic Elements of Pose Running Technique

The mantra for Pose Running Technique is "Pose, Fall, Pull". These three words describe the essential elements of the technique. In this post, I will briefly describe each of these elements, and then I will go into more detail about each in future posts.

Pose - This is the reference pose for running, and running has only one pose. A pose, as defined in the Pose Method, is a position that is stable against gravity. The runner simply moves from the Pose on the one side of the body to the same Pose on the other side of the body.

Fall - In running, one moves forward by falling forward. From the Pose, the runner must lean forward allowing himself or herself to fall. The actual job of the legs is to provide a platform from which to fall.

Pull - This describes the process of recovering from the Fall in order to re-enter the Pose. “Pull” directly describes the action of the rear leg. However, there is more to recovering from the Fall than action of the rear leg, but the action of the rear leg is what the runner should focus on.

If you are confused by what I have written above, don't worry, because most people are at this point. In my next post I will go into more detail about the runner's Pose

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