Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Pose

The stick image above is a drawing of a runner in the in the runner's pose. This pose is stable against gravity. It should be easy to take this pose and stand in it for an extended period of time. Every runner must past through this "figure 4" position while running. Of course there will be some variation in the pose depending on the speed of the runner, but this pose should be recognizable.

There are several points I would like to make about the Runner's Pose:
  • The shoulders, hips and ankles are aligned vertically. You should be able to draw straight line perpendicular to the ground through the shoulders, hips and ankles of the runner.
  • The supporting knee is bent.
  • The non-supporting foot is directly under hips, not behind them.
  • You can't it see on this stick figure, but the runner should be balanced on the ball of the foot. The heel can be touching the ground, but the weight should be supported on the ball of the foot.
This is the position from which every runner must Fall, which is the 2nd element of Pose Running Technique. I will discuss the Fall in my upcoming posts. To see a much better drawing of the Pose, check out this image on the Pose Tech web site.

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