Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shoe Review - Inov8 F-Lite 220

Inov8 is company that specializes in off-road running shoes. All of their shoes are constructed to hold up well while taking a beating. I've been running in a pair of F-Lite 220's. They are currently my favorite shoes for running in bad weather or conditions. Primarily because they are comfortable, water resistant, and very sturdy.

I live in the North Eastern part of the United States. Here it is pretty much a given that any serious runner is going to end up running in bad weather. As a result, it is a really good idea to have a good pair of running shoes for cold, wet, snowy and muddy conditions.

The F-Lite 220 was designed as an urban and off-road racing flat. As an urban racing flat, I think they are a bit too much, but as an off road racing flat they are very well designed. Let's see how well they match my criteria for a good Pose Running shoe.
  1. Low heal rise - Check
  2. Thin soles - The soles, especially in the forefoot, is a little thicker than I like, but they are acceptable.
  3. Flexible - These shoes are a little stiffer than I prefer, but again they are acceptable.
  4. Light weight - They are also a little heavier than I like, but also well within the acceptable range.
One might be tempted to dismiss these shoes for Pose Running since they are a little thicker, stiffer and heavier than the perfect Pose Running shoe. However, in my opinion, these qualities are a good compromise for a shoe that is comfortable when running in bad weather. Also, compared to what most people are running in these days, these shoes definitely fall in upper end of the spectrum as Pose Running shoes.

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