Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update on My Barefoot Running Experiments.

After reading Barefoot Running, I've started running barefoot according to the guidelines outlined in the book. So far I've done three barefoot runs. The first two were on flat smooth concrete down in Florida. Running on smooth concrete wasn't very difficult, I was able to even run at a fairly fast clip on this type of surface.

My last run was on a rubberized asphalt track followed by a grass field. The surface of the track much more challenging than I had anticipated. After a quarter of a mile, my feet had had enough, and I switched over to grass, which was very easy to run on. I'll have to build up my feet more before getting back on track again. However, I can already feel a big difference in my feet, they are much less sensitive than they were a week ago.

According to the book, my experiences so far, are pretty typical. One important point I would like to make is that by using Pose Running Technique hard surfaces are no problem. The only problem is the texture of the surface. This is exactly what I expected would be the case.

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