Sunday, June 13, 2010

Barefoot Running Update - My First Barefoot Run Over 1 Mile.

I know there are people out there interested in my experiences in becoming a barefoot runner. It seems that posts on this subject are very popular. So here is my latest update.

My first barefoot mile
I did my first barefoot run totaling more than one mile in distance this past Thursday. I went to the local track, which has a rubberized asphalt surface, and ran 1.25 miles barefoot as a warm-up to my workout. The surface of this track is much rougher than most streets and sidewalks, so whatever I do there should be easily repeatable under more typical running conditions.

Just as important as the actual run is the fact that my feet didn't need nearly as much time to recover from running on the rough surface. The next day, my feet were feeling a little rough, but I don't think I would have had any trouble doing another barefoot run if I wanted to.

Gravel track training
I've also been using a local cinder track to train on. This track is not a regulation cinder track, it is basically just gravel road that circles an athletic field, giving the athletes a place to do laps. I can walk on this surface fairly well now, but running on it is still challenging. Once I can run on this surface, I think I'll be able to run on almost any surface.

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