Monday, July 26, 2010

Barefoot Running Update - 2.25 Miles on Gravel

I did some more barefoot running on the local gravel track last night. I wanted to do 2 miles, but I discovered the laps are longer than 0.25 miles, so I ended up doing 2.25 miles. I felt great, I had no discomfort , and I was running at a good clip. However, when I checked my feet afterwords, there was some blistering. I pretty sure that I'm still blistering because I haven't been doing enough barefoot running practice. However, I don't think I would have blistered on a smoother surface, like regular asphalt.

I'm finding it hard to get enough barefoot practice in mostly because I usually end up working out in the evening. And since I refuse to run barefoot in the dark, I end up not doing as much barefoot running as I should. I'm going to have to consider, trying to do some morning runs.

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