Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Learning a New Running Technique and Realistic Expectations

I'm consistently amazed at how many people have unrealistic expectations around learning Pose Running Technique. When I discuss the training with someone who is interested, I'm very careful to explain that changing one's running technique is a process, and for most people that process will take time and effort. However, these words often seem to go unheard. It also seems that these people fall into a couple of different categories.

The Obsessive Runner
I often work with people who are obsessive about their training, and are unwilling to scale back their mileage enough to allow their bodies time to adjust. Often these people have to injure themselves before they are willing to scale back their mileage and learn the technique properly.

Those Looking for Instant Gratification
I also work with people who think that they are going to show up for one lesson, master the technique, and then never have to think about it again. They are often very disappointed when they realize that learning the technique usually requires more than one lesson. Unfortunately, they are even more disappointed when they realize that applying the technique consistently and naturally will usually require weeks or maybe even months of practice.

Start with Realistic Expectations
If you are interested in improving your technique, it is important to go about it with realistic expectations. It will take time, it will take effort, it will require practice,  you may have to scale back your training, and it may take a while before the new technique feels natural. The time and effort will vary considerably from person to person, but like anything else effort equals results.

Finally, try to think of improving your running technique as investment in your running. Once you have gone through the transition, the payoff is likely to be running faster, fewer injuries, and never needing to buy expensive running shoes again.

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