Saturday, July 3, 2010

Product Review - Evolution Running DVD

I really liked the Evolution Running DVD for one specific reason, this DVD does a great job providing back ground information explaining the thinking behind what constitues good running technique and what doesn't. What really struck me about the material on this DVD is how similar it is to the material I've developed for teaching people Pose technique. Much of the the background information and the drill work presented is exactly what I go over during training sessions.

This DVD has good production value. Although it's not as nicely done as the BK Running DVDs, it is much better than the Pose DVDs. Of course, the production value says nothing about the quality of the information, but it does affect the quality of the learning experience.

The Technique
Evolution Running Technique seems to be nearly identical to Pose Running Technique, and, for that matter, BK Running Technique. But like BK Running Technique, it is not as well defined as Pose Running Technique, and there is no method of analysis offered for evaluating technique. So the Evolution DVD offers some general guidelines about what constitutes good running technique, and some excellent drills to help with the learning process, but falls short on setting standard for good running technique.

Theory and Background Information
The DVD has a brief explanation how the great African runners are physiologically and anatomically unremarkable. The only thing that distinguishes them from western runners seems to be better technique. It also seems that the superior technique of the African runners is usually the result of training barefoot.

The DVD then goes into a fairly detailed, and easy to understand, explanation of the physics and biomechanics of what is wrong with the technique of most western runners, and what how Evolution Running technique corrects these deficiencies.

The theory behind Evolution Running is very similar to Pose Running, and BK Running. However like BK Running and unlike Pose Running, they do subscribe to the idea that runners push as well as fall to move forward. Pose theory discounts the idea that there is any push used in running.

Bottom Line
This DVD has a lot of good practical information. If you are only going to buy one running DVD, and have to choose between the Pose, BK, and Evolution Running DVDs, I would recommend getting this one.

More Information

The Evolution Running Web Site

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