Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shoe Review - Vibram FiveFingers Bakilas

Vibrams Fivefingers Shoes have grown in popularity right alongside the minimalist running movement. They seem to be the perfect compromise for people who want to run with a natural stride, but are hesitant to go completely barefoot.

My Evaluation of the Bakilas as Pose Running Shoes

How do they stack against my criteria for Pose Running shoes?

  1. Low heal rise - Check
  2. Thin soles - Check
  3. Flexible -Check
  4. Light weight -Check
A while ago I did a review of the Vibram KSO, and I concluded that they were good shoes for Pose Running. However, the Bakilas are a vast improvement over the KSOs. The Bakilas are much lighter than the KSOs, and the uppers are made of material that is thinner, more comfortable and more form fitting. The Bakilas also seem to breathe much better than the KSOs, and because of this, the "stink factor" of the Bakilas has been greatly reduced. With the KSOs, odor was a constant problem, and I'm glad that this annoying property of the KSOs has been addressed and corrected in the Bakilas

I've been running in the Bakilas for about a week now, and I only have one complaint. The top edges of the shoes have a tendency cut in to my skin around the ankles and Achilles tendons. While this is annoying, it is not annoying to the point that I would stop wearing them. I'm sure that my skin will toughen up, and if not, I'll perform some minor corrective surgery on my Bakilas, and everything will be fine.

I've read that some people were very disappointed that the Bakilas were given a harder and slightly thinker sole than the previous versions of Vibrams FiveFingers shoes. However, for me the differences in the soles were not perceptible when I was running in them. However, I will say that the harder sole make the separated toes even more irrelevant. There is no advantage in separating the toes when they are not able grab at the running surface like they were designed to do when running barefoot. The separated toes are really just goofy looking fashion statement, and I wish the people at Vibrams would make shoes that do not have separate toes for people like me who do not need any help looking goofy.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend the Vibram FiveFingers Bakilas as shoes for Pose Running.


  1. I'm looking forward to these shoes from Merrell -- it almost looks likes they read your critique of the Vibrams when they were designing them.

  2. Hi Shawn,

    Thanks for forwarding this to me. These shoes look like they have a lot of potential. I'll be looking forward to trying them out as well.