Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shoe Review - Terra Plana Evo Running Shoes

Shoe Criteria

How do the Evos stack against my criteria for Pose Running shoes?
  1. Low heal rise - Check
  2. Thin soles - Check
  3. Flexible -Check
  4. Light weight –Check 
The Terra Plana Evo has a lot going for it. Of all the shoes I’ve reviewed, these are definitely the most versatile. For minimalist running, they have all of the qualities I look for in running shoe (see above). They also come with thin insoles which are easy to remove, and allow the athlete to choose between minimal cushioning and no cushioning. I prefer no cushioning, but clearly there may be a lot of people who prefer some cushion. I advise anyone considering these shoes to get them fitted as they will be warn. If you will not wear them with insoles, get them fitted that way

Not only are these shoes good for minimalist running, but they are also great athletic shoes in general. I think Evos are natural choice for activities like CrossFit, where you may be switching between running, power lifting and gymnastics all within the same workout.

For those who are fashion conscious, these shoes offer the added benefit of looking good. Some shoes are very practical, but look goofy (yes I’m talking about VFFs), but not only are the Evos very practical, but they are also shoes that are not going to get you laughed at.

Terra Plana gets extra points for their efforts to be Eco-Friendly! They use recycled and recyclable materials to make their shoes. We should all be doing whatever we can to help the environment. Let's face it, preserving the environment is part of the whole barefoot/minimalist/primal/evolutionary fitness gestalt anyway.

Bottom Line
The Terra Plana Evos are excellent for Pose and minimalist running. Also, if you need a minimalist running shoe, that can serve multiple purposes, then these shoes are the definitely the way to go.

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  1. I fully agree with you. I've been using this shoes for quite some time now and so far, so good. I've never had any problems with it. In fact, I'm planning on buying another pair of this shoes next month, but I heard it's quite hard to buy in a local shop in our area these days. Well, I can buy online either in Amazon or