Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Anniversary and Looking Forward to the Next Year.

I started this blog a year ago today. Over the past year, I’ve been consistently surprised by which posts have been the most popular and which ones have flopped. I would very much like to hear from anyone reading this blog, with suggestions on new topics, or for that matter on anything else.

 Here is a list of a few things I would already like to change or improve upon:
  • Fewer typos – I know that I’m really bad about typos.  So I’ll try to be more thorough when proof reading. 
  • Shorter Posts – I know that many of my posts are very long winded. I’ll try to write more concisely, and if necessary, break long posts up into smaller posts.
  • More consistent posting – I want to post a minimum of once a week.
  • Pointing out my inconsistencies – As I continue to learn more about the subjects I write about, my opinions have evolved.  Those changes are often reflected in my posts, but I haven’t always been good about pointing those changes out.
  • Stop overstating my opinions – I often word my opinions with language that is much too strong.
I’ll finish up by thanking everyone who reads this blog. Thank you for your interest and support. Please keep reading, and please feel free to comment on anything I write. I’m always open to questions, comments, constructive criticism, alternate ideas, and of course flattery.

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