Monday, January 17, 2011

Product Review - Guided Muscle Muscles Walking and Running DVD

I stumbled over this DVD, Guided Muscles Running & Walking by Jack Nirenstein. It immediately caught my interest because it offers a running technique based on the theory that we move forward via the use of gravity, and not by pushing. As an advocate of Pose Running and Pose Theory, I was eager to see how this theory and technique compare to Pose.

The production quality of the DVD was terrible. It was really difficult to watch, but it did start out with a very nice explanation and demonstration on how it is impossible to run by pushing. Unfortunately this promising discussion was not followed up with an equally promising technique. The technique the author devises fails to fully capitalize on his theory, and does not efficiently make use of gravity.

The technique resembles a shuffling gait. In Pose terminology, there is very little height to the pull, and pulling is done very late in the stride. These differences result in inefficient falling, because the runner is creating an unnecessary counter balance with the rear leg, and maintaining a low center of gravity which also results in slowing the runner down.

The author also advocates a flat foot landing for distance running. He states that landing on the forefoot is more efficient for falling, but it is too physically demanding for longer runs. I disagree. He also states that landing on the heels results in breaking. On this, I agree. He may advocate a flat foot landing, but he was landing on his heels as far as I could tell.

This DVD contains some interesting ideas, but these ideas are not fully capitalized upon, and the result was very disappointing.

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