Sunday, January 9, 2011

Speical Thanks to Josh Conway for a Great Pose Clinic

About the Clinic

On Saturday January 8th, Josh Conway, the owner of the Gymnasium, hosted me for an introductory Pose Clinic. I wanted express my gratitude to him for helping me get word out on Pose Running Technique. I also wanted to thank everyone who showed up for the clinic. Some people traveled from as far away as New Haven, Connecticut to attend.

I had a great time talking about Pose Theory and Pose Running technique to a group of about 12 interested and very engaged people.  The clinic was scheduled for an hour, but everyone was so interested in the subject that it ended up lasting over two hours, while people asked me questions, and we further discussed the topics related to Pose.

About the Gymnasium

For anyone in the general vicinity of West Newton, MA, if you are looking for a gym, I highly recommend checking out the Gymnasium. Josh had developed a very unique and exciting program. At the center of the program is Russian kettle bell training, and from there it branches out into body weight training, yoga, and even traditional German Long Sword training among other things.

Josh's program is firmly rooted in the best practices of old school Physical Culture from 19th and early 20th centuries, and the best practices of modern physical training methods. Josh has detailed knowledge of the history and evolution training practices over time, and because of this, the Gymnasium is not just a place to workout, but it is also a place for those who have an intellectual interest in the rich history and science of physical training.

I'm going to start working out there next week, learning the basics of Russian kettle bell training. I'm very excited to be joining the Gymnasium, and getting introduced to physical training methods that I've never had the chance to explore previously. The Gymnasium is truly a place for anyone looking for something more than just a workout.

For more information about the Gymnasium here is a link to web site -

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