Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Should I Be Flattered?

If you read this blog, you know that I've been doing some guest posting on It appears that some people like my articles so much that they have decided to re-post them elsewhere without giving me credit.

I know this is the internet, and that's the risk you take when using it to publish anything. I don't mind people re-posting my work, but I do think they should give me credit.

Maybe I should just be flattered that my work is worthy of other people taking credit for it?

Here are two examples:

Here are my original articles:


  1. GoArticles and Articles Base have strict policy on original content. File a complaint.

  2. The worst case scenerio is that those articles *could* outrank you in the search engines like Google. It might also pay to file a DMCA at Google to get them removed there:

    I am regularly having to do that...

  3. Thanks again Craig. I really appreciate your advice on this matter.

  4. An update, for anyone who is interested. I contacted all the sites where my article was posted, and they were all very co-operative in taking down the plagiarized material.

    My faith in humanity has been restored. :)