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How I Became a POSE Runner - Guest Post by Dave Patterson

Dave recently contacted me, and wrote about how Pose Running Technique transformed his running. I immediately sensed that he had a story worth sharing with a larger audience, and I asked him to write about his experiences for this blog. Please read it, enjoy it and, most importantly, learn from it. By the way Dave, I think you might want to trademark the term " posetastic".

How I Became a POSE Runner

In 1993 I completed my second Ironman Triathlon at 24.My Body had been through it all. Especially my legs. I’d paid top dollar for shoes, podiatrists, physiotherapists, even tried yoga and yet I had suffered crippling shin splints. I was done with running and stopped competing in triathlons.

Here I am at 39 revisiting the Ironman, in 3 weeks, June 5 I will race the Cairns Airport Challenge in Australia and today I confirmed my entry into The Australian Ironman for 2012.

A few months back I was complaining about my legs and the soreness I was experiencing, a throbbing in the front of my shins and tight calves after running. I was so concerned I had x-rays. Nothing showed up, so I put it down to not warming up correctly, stretching or I had the wrong shoes. I never thought about the way I was running, because I always understood that you run the way you were born to run. Even though I had been for stroke correction for swimming and had a cycling coach. Why didn’t I just accept that I was supposed to swim and cycle naturally?

After my wife had heard enough I started to complain to my mother and reminded her of a conversation we had years ago. We were talking about what we would wish for and she said “a million bucks” and I replied with “you know I’d just like to be a good runner”. That was my wish to just be a good runner! Very simple for some runners, almost unattainable for others. 

I watched the video and was excited and immediately ordered his book “born to run”. After reading the book three times, I recalled a paragraph (p.206) that mentioned different running styles. They are evolution running, Chi Running and the POSE method. I began to research the three methods and settled on the POSE method. Why?

I liked the idea that there were drills and that a person had taken the time to look at running in such detail, that I could confidently expect to change the way I ran for a better running future.

Interestingly when you become as excited as I was, I wanted to approach the POSE method correctly, in a systematic way. There are many blog posts and threads devoted to why the POSE method doesn’t work for people and I was amazed that the majority of runners who had not made a successful transition rarely mentioned if they had seen a POSE coach. I wouldn’t make the same mistake!

I became a member of and ordered the books and dvd. I read them, watched the video and then made contact with a coach in Australia. I was amazed at how much information I had misinterpreted. My coach cleared up any confusion I had and fine-tuned the basics of the POSE method and I have never looked back.

Keep in mind though you are learning a new skill and for some of us simple tasks can be very frustrating. Like lifting your leg with your hamstring and not your knee. Shortening your stride within your GCM. Understanding that POSE method places importance on the back foot not the front foot, the pull is really important. Understanding that speed comes from gravity, falling. For a short period of time all you think about is POSE/FALL/PULL.

One morning I said to my wife “ I think I slept in POSE last night” and she replied with “you were restless”. I replied, “ Yep, that’s called change of support”. I’m in boots and all.

My running partner keeps asking what the secret is, how am I running faster for longer and why can’t he keep up? All valid questions I thought. 

POSE method has helped me in many ways.

1\ The cost of shoes has halved, as I’m no longer paying for top of the line technology I won’t use.

2\ I am running injury free. However I have started a strengthening program for my legs, and I do have some soreness. This is part of the transition.

3\ Patience. I didn’t run for a few weeks while I practised the drills. Being a triathlete I could do other things to keep up my fitness, while I kept practising. That way I didn’t lose any fitness.

4\ I’m out running and I can’t stop smiling. I actually enjoy it. My 5k runs are now 20k.

I guess the take home message here is that after reading the books and watching the video’s to really master the POSE method you owe it to yourself to get feedback from a certified coach. I’m not 100% there yet my technique still needs work. But, given my short time with POSE method the change has been amazing.
Can you believe this September I will complete my first ultra marathon, and a great way to test myself, and my understanding of POSE method. 160 km trail run. I would never have had the confidence to consider a “race” like this unless I had POSE method on board. I feel “posetastic”.

Dave Patterson

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