Monday, July 11, 2011

How have I Benefited from Pose Running?

I have regularly been asked how I have benefited from Pose running technique. So here are my answers.

Question: Am I faster runner?
Answer: Yes, but with a qualification. I saw a very significant increase in my running speed, despite doing less running, after adopting Pose running technique. I also saw those improvements even though my technique was less than perfect. However, the qualification is that I used to be a much faster runner when I was competing 30 years ago in high school. So I'm not running faster than I ever have before, but I am running much faster than was just before I started using Pose running technique.

Question: Have I reduced my injuries since taking up Pose?
Answer: I have no way to measure this. Fortunately, I was never an injury prone runner. In the 36 years that I have been running, I've had perhaps a total of 5 injures that I could directly attribute to my running. Most of those were clearly caused by over training when I was competing. However, I can say that I have not had any running injuries since running with Pose technique.

Question: Have there been any other benefits from taking up Pose?
Answer: Yes. Below is a list.

  1. I get better results from a lower volume of training
  2. I no longer need running shoes. I can even run barefoot comfortably.
  3. I used to have problems with sore ankles if I put too much mileage on my running shoes. Now I never get sore ankles no matter how much mileage I have on my shoes.
  4. I can often turn bad workouts into great workouts just by focusing on my technique. I've found that the quality of my runs has a great deal to do with how well I am executing my technique.
  5. I now have answers to all the questions I had about the conventional wisdom on running that just did not stand up to close scrutiny, or to any attempt to look at running through the lens of evolutionary theory.
Question: Has there been a downside to taking up Pose Running?
Answer: Yes. I have almost had a couple of fender benders while driving, and looking at someone's running technique. In fact, I cannot look at someone running without trying to analyze their technique. I also have to fight the compulsion to tell everyone what I think about their running technique good or bad.

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