Saturday, August 20, 2011

Training Schedules and Goals Part II

If you have read my blog much, you probably already know my opinion about running technique. It is my opinion that the laws of physics dictate that there is one optimal running technique for everyone.  We must all do the same things to interact with the forces of running optimally regardless of our physical differences. However, when it comes to training methods and schedules I do NOT believe there is a one size fits all approach. Unlike running technique, optimal training is dictated primarily by physiological and psychological factors, and it has been well established that there is a great deal of variation from person to person on the physiology and psychology factors that pertain to physical performance.

There are many variables that determine an individual’s potential to perform physically demanding activities, too many to list here, but all of these variables contribute to determining the optimal training methods for each individual.

It is also no secret that we do not fully understand how most of these variables affect performance, particularly in relation to the other variables. Furthermore, some of these variables can change over time, within certain limits, while others are relatively constant and unchanging.  In upcoming posts, I’ll discuss more about managing all of these variables, and some of the mistakes people make with their training.

Here is a short list of some important factors that pertain to running.

•    Gender
•    Age
•    Size
•    Body type
•    VO2max
•    Lactic acid threshold
•    Muscle fiber ratios
•    Neurological factors
•    Co-ordination
•    Ability to recover from training
•    Responsiveness to training
•    Motivation
•    Personality
•    Perceptiveness
•    Athletic history
•    Diet
•    General health
•    Medications
•    Flexibility
•    Joint mobility
•    Weight
•    Body composition
•    Hormone levels
•    Technique
•    Previous injuries

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  1. Good post Ken. I've tried off the shelf training plans before, while they are helpful they don't/can't take your personal circumstances into account, fatigue, injury etc.

  2. Thank you! Stay tuned, I'll be writing more posts.