Monday, September 26, 2011

Notes on the Pose Clinic at Reebok One CrossFit

As usual, I had a great time learning from Dr. Romanov at the Reebok CrossFit One Pose Clinic. Here is a short list of things that I learned over the course of the weekend.

Dr. Romanov Likes My Wife’s Duck
I learned that Dr. Romanov has very fond memories of the duck my wife cooked while he was visiting during previous clinics. This was mentioned several times and with great emphasis. I’m really glad he enjoyed my Russian wife’s Russian cooking!

An Embarrassing Mistake in My Understanding of Pose

Update 11/30/2011 - Coach Rob Smith questioned me on this, so I contacted Dr. Romanov for clarification. The definition of the landing in Pose, according to Dr. Romanov, is "when ground reaction reaches 1(one) body weight". Apparently my original interpretation was correct, and I misunderstood Dr. Romanov at the clinic. I apologize for the confusion.

I’ve written several times about how there is a subtle difference between the usual definition for “the landing”, and the Pose definition for “the landing”. It turns out that I was wrong, and these definitions are actually the same.  Dr. Romanov told me that the landing is defined as when the foot touches the ground.  And by that definition, strictly speaking, it is impossible to actually land directly under the body’s center of gravity or COG.

I’m very embarrassed about this, but when I know I’m wrong, I admit it. So please ignore my past diatribes on the difference between the Pose definition of “the landing” and the standard definition.

When running rapid shallow breathing is more efficient than long deep breathing.

The Early Drop Interferes with Falling
I’ve written about the “early drop” before.  Dropping your non-supporting foot out of the Pose too early causes you to land in front of your COG. This results in breaking, and also usually results in a heel strike.  What I didn’t understand, is that dropping your foot too early also interferes with falling even before your foot hits the ground.

The Most Common Deficits in Running Technique
The three most common deficits in running technique are over striding, heel striking, and bending at the waist. The first two are obvious, but I don’t often see people bending at the waist, so I wouldn’t have considered that one of the top three.

Final Note on Upcoming Posts
I’m planning to continue my series on training schedules and goals, and I’m planning to do a book review of "The Mind-Body Method of Running By Feel" by Matt Fitzgerald. So stay tuned.


  1. i could have sworn that the "pose definition of landing" was the instant that the ground reaction force hit 1 body weight (i.e., weight fully supported by the foot). of course, it is harder to measure and perhaps they have changed it as a result... still, i'm sure it wasn't always that way...

  2. Hi Rob,

    I had the exact same impression. However, I did get this definition directly by Dr. Romanov himself.

    I think I'll contact Dr. Romanov and ask for clarification. This seems to be a point of confusion among many Pose coaches.

  3. FYI - I've contacted Dr. Romanov asking for clarification on the aspect of Pose Running. As soon as I hear back, I'll post his response.

  4. Rob, I'm glad you commented. I contacted Dr. Romanov for clarification, and you are absolutely right on the definition. Apparently I misunderstood Dr. Romanov while at the clinic.