Monday, November 7, 2011

100 Up Firestorm

The Interest in this Technique is Unbelievable
Based on the traffic to my blog, the 100 Up technique continues to be a hot topic within interweb running circles. The consensus, I'm glad to report, seems to be that this technique is a lot of hype. Yes, it has some value as a form of training, but the reality is that it doesn't offer much that isn't already common practice for serious runners.

More Information for Those Who are Interested

Here are some more links relating to this technique - The 100 Up Challenge and, some interesting comments on Runblogger by Pete Larson

My Opinion Again
I also want to restate my opinion. The 100 Up technique is basically a lot of hype, and that hype is fueled by people who are looking for shortcuts to obtaining good technique. It will help some people, but for most people it will not be enough.

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