Friday, November 4, 2011

100 Up Technique Follow-up Post

This 100 Up technique is generating a lot more buzz than I anticipated. In a few hours this post has generated more traffic to my blog than it usually gets in a week. Since I wrote the post, other people have brought up some very good points that should be discussed.

Important Points by Others

Dr. Romanov pointed out that W.S. George was probably a gifted runner to begin with, and it would be a mistake to assume this technique was the reason for his success. I would further point out that in 1874 competitive running was dominated primarily by gifted runners who did not train very hard by today's standards.

Jacky Ledeboer contacted me on twitter and stated the following, "@posecoach IMO too much hipfl. activity, putting the abds into action resulting in backward tilting of pelvis which interferes with leaning." I have to agree with this assessment. There is too much hip flexion in these drills, and that may very well have a negative impact on learning good technique.

I may have been too generous in my initial assessment of the 100 Up technique. I'm now recommending that if you are going to try this training method, use only the Pose versions of these drills. Do not use the versions demonstrated in the video.

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