Sunday, November 20, 2011

"I'm Just Not Into Technique"

Before I knew anything about Pose, I had been running for over 30 years. I had never bought into the idea that most people should need modern running shoes in order to run. From an evolutionary perspective, the idea that we need a relatively recent invention for running just did not make sense. After all, I'm fairly certain it has been conclusively established that people were running before the running shoe was invented, and actually doing a pretty good job of it. When I first started learning about Pose, I was very excited, because the concepts quickly filled in the gaps between what I knew about running, and what I had suspected about running. However, being somewhat skeptical in nature, I did a lot of personal experimentation with variations of Pose, and through that experimentation two things became increasingly obvious to me. First, the more I did as Dr. Romanov recommended, the better I ran. Second, the more I deviated from his recommendations, the worse I ran. Once I was convinced of the value of Pose, I started discussing it with other runners, and I was surprised and confused by some of the reactions I received from many runners. Below are some of the most common reactions.

To be honest, this reaction completely caught me by surprise. There are a lot of runners who get very upset if you question the running orthodoxy of the past 40+ years. They believe, as a matter of faith, two things. Firstly, modern running shoes are absolutely essential for most runners, and secondly that every runner naturally runs in the way that is best for him or her (even when they suffer high rates of injury).  These people are generally not open to any arguments to the contrary, and so I refer to them "fundamentalist runners".

There is, unfortunately, another group of runners who are specifically hostile to Pose rather than the idea of good running technique. The funny thing is that, so far, I've yet to encounter anyone who is specifically hostile to Pose, and who was able to speak intelligently about Pose concepts. In my experience, everyone in this category is actually quite ignorant about Pose running, often giving away their ignorance by the arguments they present. Unfortunately, I'm also quite sure that many of these people are lashing out against Pose more out of professional jealousy than out of a sincere disagreement with Pose concepts.

This reaction I can understand. Skepticism is a healthy reaction to any new idea or concept. As long as the person is open to convincing evidence when it is presented. After all, initially I was cautiously skeptical. For those of you who are skeptical, that's fine, just remember not all arguments are equally valid, not all scientific studies have equal value, and laws of physics are not negotiable.

Complete Indifference or "I'm just not into technique"
What shocked me more than any other reaction was finding out that the vast majority of runners are completely indifferent to the idea of trying to run with good technique. I've never understood how anyone who devotes a great deal of time and energy to a particular activity cannot be interested in trying to learn how to do it correctly. Be that as it may, this is by far the most common reaction I get from runners. When I've asked people, who are extremely devoted runners, about this, their response is usually something like, "I'm just not into technique". 

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