Thursday, May 31, 2012

Once You Go Minimalist, You Can Never Go Back

I wanted to do another quick post on how my tastes in, and expectations of, shoes have changed since going completely minimalist.

When I first started Pose Running, I purchased a pair of Inov8 F-Lite 230 PX trail running racing flats.  I bought them because, at the time, it was much more difficult to find anything that qualified as a good minimalist running shoe, and these were one of the few options. However, since then, the market and supply of minimalist shoes has exploded, so I never really got around to using them. Mostly because the newer minimalist shoes were flatter and had less cushioning

Recently I needed a new pair of daily-wear sneakers so I pulled these out of the closet, and after walking around in them for couple of days, I am shocked to find out how much my taste in shoes have changed. Now when I put on these “racing flats” I feel like I’m wearing blocks of cement with high heels. I often stumble when walking in them, they force me to change my walking gait, and they also feel too stiff and restricting. It's hard to believe these were once one of the few shoes available for minimalist runners.

I’m considering just ditching these shoes, and getting a pair of Keds. I just hate having paid so much for these shoes, and not being able use them. Oh well.

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  1. I agree with that... you can never go back. Once you go minimalist and learn proper technique, and your feet and calves have strengthened, and you've learned not to heel strike anymore, you fall in love with running again. And you don't miss the aches and pains you used to have. I hate wearing conventional running shoes.

    I also hate wearing dress shoes now. I have some "fancy" shoes that seem even tighter than they used to, and I notice now how they hold my feet in such a weird position. If I have to visit a client, I usually take them off for the drive there and back, to give my feet a break.