Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thoughts About My Presentation at the Pose Coaches Conference

As I mentioned in my last post, I was asked to give a presentation at the Pose Coaches Conference. Actually, it was more of talk than a presentation. I didn't know I would be asked to speak until I arrived, but when I was asked, I was very excited to have the opportunity to address my fellow Pose coaches about my observations on why there is so much resistance to Pose in the running and scientific communities.
The talk I gave was nominally based on my efforts to correct the most common misconceptions about Pose running theory, which started with my post Pose Theory - Three Primary Points of Confusion. In short, many people, including most Pose coaches, have misinterpreted Pose theory as stating that gravity provides energy for running. This interpretation is completely incorrect. If you doubt my assertion, remember, Dr. Romanov fact checked my post, and felt that this topic was import enough for me to discuss at the conference. So if you don't believe me, just ask Dr. Romanov. I'm confident that he will support my statements.

In my opinion, this misunderstanding is the primary reason why there is so much resistance and open hostility to Pose. It is very clear when I read critiques of Pose, that the person offering the critique usually doesn't have a clue what Pose theory states. However, many proponents of Pose also do not understand Pose theory, and are using faulty arguments to make a case for Pose. Often they are using arguments that break some of the basic laws of physics.

There are certainly other reasons for the resistance to Pose. Big among them is professional jealousy. However, there is another important reason. Dr. Romanov is a great scientist and intellect, but also as Saxby Lee stated so well, Dr. Romanov is a misunderstood genius. In my opinion, he is misunderstood, largely because he has expected too much from his audience by naively assuming that most of the people he addressed had a working knowledge of Newtonian physics.


  1. From my perspective there are a lot of Pose trolls and agitators. This has been a huge turn off for me. I find many pose instructors to have the same arrogant, stubborn, pretentious attitude that is pervasive in the traditional power running community.

    1. I don't disagree. For some reason, talking about running technique brings out the worst in some people.