Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where Does the Angle of Falling Begin?

If you are someone who has studied Pose running, you probably know that the shorthand for Pose running technique is Pose-Fall-Pull. Get into the Pose, then Fall, then Pull, and repeat the process with every step. While attending the Pose Coaches conference, I learned a new and very important detail about how to determine where the angel of falling begins.  Fortunately, it seems that this detail was new to most of the other coaches as well.

There are two criteria to determine where the angle of falling begins. Until these two criteria are met, the runner is moving forward primarily by momentum.
  • The runner is in the Pose, 
  • The runner's heel is off the ground. 
What I didn't know before was that the runners heel had to be off the ground.

An obvious question is how does one determine where the angle of falling ends? The answer is that is that it ends when the runner breaks the Pose.

It is important to realize that the maximum angle a runner can reach is 22.5 degrees from a line perpendicular to the ground. The more of that angle is taken up by momentum, the less of the angle can be used for acceleration.

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