Sunday, December 16, 2012

What is Unique About Pose Running Technique?

What is unique about Pose running technique? Actually, there is nothing unique about Pose running technique. To put a slightly different spin on it, the only thing unique about Pose running technique is that there is nothing unique about it. Keep in mind, I'm only discussing the technique, not Pose theory or Pose training practices.

Pose running was designed to be the most minimal set of movements needed for running, and I doubt that is possible to design an efficient running technique with less movement. Every runner must go through all of the phases of Pose running technique. Most runners just do more than what is necessary during these phases. Every other technique I've looked at is basically Pose running with some extra and inefficient movement added on.

So why did I bring this up? Because I keep reading silly comments about how there is nothing unique or new about the Pose technique. Usually this is stated in a derogatory context. Dr. Romanov never claimed to have discovered or invented a new way to run. He just defined, what was necessary and efficient and what wasn't.

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