Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Blog Name

I've renamed this blog to "A Pose Coach's Blog". I've also changed my profile picture, just so everyone can clearly see how handsome I am. Hey Hollywood, I'm waiting! Seriously though, I'm doing this as part of an effort to "debrand" myself as  I consider my future as a coach. For now, I'm not turning anyone away who wants coaching, but I'm not actively seeking people to coach either. Don't worry, I won't abandon anyone I'm working with or have worked with.

Why the changes? A lot of reasons, but mostly I have other projects, and a lack of time. Also, I'm not sure I'm making a real difference through coaching. So I'm considering some alternatives. Anyway, I definitely intend to continue blogging. So stay tuned.

Happy Running,
Ken Schafer

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  1. Your blog is amazing, thank you for sharing your comments and ideas!