Sunday, February 3, 2013

Running Shoe Review - Skora Form

In November I was contact by Kyle Kranz of Skora. He offered me a free pair of Skora running shoes with no strings attached. I'm certainly not too proud to accept free running shoes, so I was more than happy to take him up on his offer. He ended up providing me with a pair of Skora Form running shoes.

Upon receiving these shoes it was immediately clear that they met all of my basic criteria for Pose running shoes.

  1. Low heal rise - Check
  2. Thin soles - Check
  3. Flexible -Check
  4. Light weight -Check

It was also clear that these shoes had a number of other features above and beyond my basic criteria.

  1. They are very well constructed
  2. The uppers are made of very soft and pliable goat's hide
  3. They also uniquely place the laces off to side, which does seem to make them more comfortable

The shoes also come with insoles that have a gel-like consistency. So, for my first run, I used the insoles. That run was horrible; there was just too much cushion. On the next run, I took out the insoles. After doing that, these shoes instantly became my preferred pair of running shoes. Now several weeks later, I've been running in them all winter and they have proven to be comfortable and warm. They have also held up well in the rain, snow and cold of the New England Winter.

What don't I like about these shoes? Well, obviously the insoles, but they are easily removed. Other than that, they are not cheap. I checked the price online, and if I had had to buy my pair, they would have set me back $185. I'm not made of money, so personally I would never pay that much for running shoes. Also worth mentioning, is that these shoes are probably better suited to people with a thin to normal foot widths. Running friends of mine, with wide feet, quickly pointed out that the shoes would never fit them.

Bottom Line

Once the insoles are removed, these are great running shoes for runners who have thin to normal foot widths. They are expensive, but there is also no question that these are very high quality shoes.

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