Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Lesson Pose "Masters"?

On Facebook, I saw an interesting comment on a Pose group I belong to, and it summed up so well much of my frustration with the general level of discussion about Pose. I've edited the quote a little for readability. It was part of a long Facebook thread.

[There is so much misinformation about Pose], combined with the one lesson Pose clients who think they've tried and mastered it, then got injured, resulting in anecdotal 'I tried Pose and got injured', and you have an 'internet truth and proof' voice that is impossible to reason with. reason with. - Ray Templeton 

I'm tired of re-explaining for upteenth time the following.

  • Just because someone says they know how to "Pose run", that doesn't mean that they do. In fact, most do not.
  • Very few people can take 1 or 2 lessons and apply the technique well, and even fewer can learn Pose from a book, DVD or Youtube videos.

The arguments are further clouded by the following

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